No Appraisals by phone!

We are in the business of buying and selling bells, our own bells, not bells belonging to others. We know all the history of our bells, who made them, when, and where. But due to the hundreds of requests we cannot research or help you market yours.

DO NOT EMAIL PHOTOS OF YOUR BELLS. We do not answer questions about little bells, OR give ball park values. We only appraise Large bells such as our church, cupola and tower bells, as well as Locomotive, and Ships bells. NO cast iron farm bells or any iron bells under 20" in diameter.

That said, we do offer an appraisal service. Appraisals are done for a fee of $95. Send a photo of your bell showing the whole unit. Note any damage, hair line cracks, chips, or repairs. Also let us know how well the bell rings - it should ring out for several seconds. All requests must be accompanied by a check for $95. We have antique catalogs for most American bell manufacturers, and can tell you what it is worth in today's market.

If you have any questions contact me by email only.


Make check to:
RC Brosamer
212 Irwin St
Brooklyn, MI 49230

Meneely Catalog cover
Above is the cover the Meneely Bell catalog, circa 1920. This is just one of the many resources we have to draw upon in appraising your bell.

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