Tim from Canada with his bell in his car
Tim from Canada turned his bell into CASH!

If you have a bell to sell, we might be interested. BUT we only buy the following: Cast iron bells over 20" in diameter, Brass and Bronze bells over 9" in diameter (no new or repro) We especially are looking to buy Church Bells, and WILL remove it from the tower if need be. Our terms are: we will need to see a photo of the bell, you will have to let us know the amount wanted for it. WE DO NOT MAKE OFFERS. If you do not know what you want for it, then you will have to have someone appraise it for you in advance. Best to send photos and information by regular mail, NO email photos please.
Send to: RC Brosamer, 212 Irwin St., Brooklyn, Michigan 49230

A flatbed truck filled with bells

Marc Brosamer with a load of Church Bells we bought from a NY collection.

Crane lowering bell to flatbed truck Bells being removed from church

Flatbed truck loaded with bells

You can see a short video of us using a crane to lower bells from a soon-to-be-demolished church. Click here for the Video.

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