If you have a bell you would like to sell, we might be interested. But we only buy the following:

Bronze or Brass bells over 9” in diameter.
Cast iron bells over 20” in diameter.

Example, Fire Truck Bells, Ships Bells, Early Steam Locomotive Bells, and we especially are looking for Church Bells.

Our terms are:

  1. One photo to start showing the bell with hardware.
  2. Diameter of just the bell from lip to lip.
  3. You will need to ring the bell and let us know the duration of the tone.
  4. Let us know of any damage.
  5. How much you want for it.

It is best to send the information by regular mail for our review and consideration. Send to:

Brosamer's Bells Inc.
212 Irwin St.
Brooklyn, MI 49230

A flatbed truck filled with bells

We will buy one or an entire collection.

Bells being removed from church
Crane lowering church bell
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