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All Sizes given are the bells' diameter, weight chart at bottom of page.

A true church bell is found in a steeple, and is used to call the faithful to service on Sunday mornings, to announce weddings, and to toll at funerals.

The size of a typical church bell is 28" and greater, and the weight is 400 lbs. and up. Most of them are cast bronze,and have a deep rich tone. You just cannot get a church bell sound out of a small bell, smaller bell sounds are associated with a small chapel or school.

Our complete swinging church bells come with yoke, clapper, wheel, A frame stands, and a toller (if desired) We can also sell you JUST the bell, and it can be electrified to ring remotely. (we have to send them out for the electric) BUT most of our customers prefer the old fashioned rope pull method of ringing the bell.

We do not offer electronic bell sounds. Or, as some call them, singing bells etc. WE only deal in REAL bells, real bells have been rung for thousands of years, and will never go out of style or have parts that have been discontinued. I have heard lots of complaints from churches that were not satisfied with their recorded bell sound systems. It seems when something breaks down they can no longer get parts, Like computers, they are out of date or change models real fast. A real bell when rung properly will last for ever, and always be in style.

We do not have any spare church bell parts to sell, sorry.
If you have a church bell for sale, or want to trade one in - WE BUY BELLS. Check out our We Buy Bells page for details.

For more Large Bells go to Unfinished Bells page.

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All of the Bells on this page are bronze unless otherwise noted.

Below are some of our current stock of church bells for sale.
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The following bells are refurbished and ready to go into any setting.
Bells with yokes can be fitted with pillow block bearings or A-frame stands.

AN84 A656 A551 A432
50" McShane 1910
34" McShane 1910
56" McShane 1891 has History cast on the bell
A complete Cast Iron Church Bell
See more bells like this on our Cast Iron Bells Page
A314 A43    
39 1/2" Vanduzen ALL ORIGINAL dated 1882
39" 1924 McShane

The bells below are bare; they have been cleaned up or refinished but do not come with supports, bearings, etc.. All bells come with a clapper.

bA251 bA390 bA463
31" Ornate early bronze bell with no date or inscriptions
43" Bronze Meneely Bell
34" 1910 Meneely cast bronze from a E Howard clock
bA468 bA529  
33" 1878 cast bronze Meneely
31" Clinton Meneely 1890

Restored Meneely Church Bell A complete restored Meneely Church Bell with all hardware
Below is a chart you can use to calculate the size of a given bell and the size of the supporting frame for it. The data was copied from a Meneely Bell catalog.

Meneely Bell size chart

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