Cupola Shown on the left is custom cupola that houses a 17" swinging bronze bell. This type of cupola is used for small chapels, out-buildings on estates, garages, and more.

Cupola bells range in size from 12" to 24" brass bronze or iron. Mounted complete for swinging with yoke, clapper, and rope arm, or wheel.

These are also available with bell and clapper with rope eye in clapper.

Will ship world wide.

Click here to Learn How to hang a Bell.

These bells can also be used in chapels, homes, school houses, as victory bells, etc..

Here is a collection of our current stock of cupola bells,
showing relative sizes.

Cupola Bells, chapel, schoolhouse, home medium size

Below are some of our current stock of Bronze cupola bells for sale.
Click on the small pictures below to see them enlarged.
Then click on the arrows above the pictures to go from bell to bell.

The sizes given are the diameter of just the bell, not including mountings, etc.
We now include sound files so you can get an idea of what each bell sounds like.

C239 C237 C238
27" Meneely & Company West Troy NY no date
22" Vanduzen dated 1876 original and complete
21" Meneely West Troy NY no date
C244 SOLD! C254
17" Vanduzen dated 1882
24" Van Duzen 1910
C255 C273 C294
18" Bronze bell
25" Henry McShane 1885
22" Vanduzen 1876
C307 C349  
25" Vanduzen 1870
17" McShane 1885

Here are some typical weights for cupola bells,
from an old McShane Bell Foundry catalog

Table of bell weights
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