Here are some bells that don't fit into the usual categories, and some uses for bells in creative places.

Click on the small pictures below to see them enlarged.
Then click on the arrows above the pictures to go from bell to bell.

The sizes given are the diameter of just the bell, not including mountings, etc.
We now include sound files so you can get an idea of what each bell sounds like.

MS3 MS26 MS27
36inch G.W. Coffin Bell (for display idea only) not for sale
EW. VanDuzen Clavier
Early Abbey Bell 10in. Bell 32in. long $1,295
MS36 MS37 MS38
Bronze Buddha Temple Bell 725 lbs. 51in. tall 28in. wide $18,000
Bronze Buddha Temple Bell Close-up
Bronze Buddha Temple Bell Close-up of hanger
MS45 MS142 MS249
Hunter with his bell
17inch Meneely drawbridge bell - Chicago 1904 $4,500
17inch Brass bell with complete hardware for swinging $1,950
MS258 MS325 MS666
12 1/2inch Jones and Hitchcock Troy NY 1858 $1,100
Brass Bell 12 inch diameter shown with wall or post mount Can be used for Golf Course Alert Bell $895
3 tier bronze altar gong set 26inch tall $850
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