Ye Olde Mission office

Mission Bell showing bell ropeHow to Ring a Mission Bell

Many mission bells are secured at the top such that they don't swing. In order to ring such a bell, a bell rope is attached to the clapper as with the bell at the left.

The bell rope tugs the clapper to one side, ringing the bell. There is usually a pulley involved to re-route the rope down to the mission.

Here are some mission bells from our inventory.
All are for sale.

Click on the small pictures below to see them enlarged.
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Mission bells brass and bronze 15inch, 14inch,17inch $1,400 $1,200 $2,400 11inch early bronze bell
$2,500 SOLD!
Mission bells brass and bronze 15inch, - $1,400, 17inch - $2,400
11" early bronze bell $2,500
17inch Vanduzen  Mission Bell 19inch Stuckstede 1902 Bronze Mission Bell Mission style, brass 15inch and 17inch
17" Vanduzen Mission Bell $2,600
19" Stuckstede 1902 Bronze Mission Bell $3,900
Mission style, brass 15" and 17" $1,200 each
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