Marc Brosamer with a fresh load of Cast Iron Bells Marc Brosamer arriving with a purchase of old cast iron bells.
In the picture with Marc are daughters Raegan, Charlotte,
and family dogs Winston and Toby
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Cast iron bells manufactured by:
American Bell, Bowlden Bell, Blymyer
CS Bell, and Gould Mfg. Co.

Brosamer's Bells now has the world's largest selection of used cast iron bells.

In diameters of 19-48 inches. See weight chart below.

Our Cast Iron Bells are restored to perfection. Cast Iron Bells are the most affordable large bell we carry. Here are some examples of who buys this type of bell:

Schools and sports teams for victory or spirit bells, camps for calling them in, restorers of old buildings needing an inexpensive bell to fill the tower, small churches with low budgets, and anyone wanting a large bell they can afford.

Prices start at $1,195.00.

Below are some of our stock of cast iron bells. Click on the small photos to see them enlarged.

CI119 CI386 CI433  
CI 119 CI 386 CI 433  
CI482 CI483 CI485  
CI 482 CI 483 CI 485  

Below are some sample antique cast iron bell weights,
from one of the catalogs in our collection.

Bell weights table

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